GMC Envoy Transmission Talk

The General Motors company produces the GMC envoy series of Sports Utility Vehicles. This fleet of vehicles was initially made in the early 2000s and has continually been upgraded and improved for improved functionality and better transmissions. The GMC envoy transmission contains both rebuilt transmissions and remanufactured transmissions, both of which can be used in case of transmission breakdown, a common occurrence with these vehicles.

Remanufactured and Rebuilt GMC Envoy Transmissions

The transmissions in GMC envoys have torque converters, and there are also no major new changes made to the previous models of the transmissions. The rebuilt transmission for GMC envoys requires frequent conditioning, which is why the GMC envoys with the rebuilt transmissions require constant cleaning and regular inspection. The rebuilt transmissions also need to have the worn-out components of the transmission identified and replaced from time to time. 

The manufacturer of these auto transmissions specifies these parts and checks to see whether the parts have reached acceptable wear and tear limits before using for reman or rebuilding. These parts are then replaced, or the whole unit replaced depending on the specific problems with the transmission gearbox. The rebuilt transmissions have less period of warranty guarantee and shorter mileages compared to remanufactured transmissions. This is because the worn-out components of the transmissions have been replaced with the new ones. It is cheaper to have rebuilt transmissions since the manufacturer only has to obtain parts that replace the transmission's worn-out components

What differentiates remanufactured from rebuilt transmissions?

The remanufactured versions of the GMC envoy transmission are significantly different from the rebuilt transmissions. The remanufactured transmissions for the GMC envoys have all their components remade, which isn’t the case for rebuilt transmissions. The parts of the transmissions that are most likely to be worn out are identified and replaced entirely. These components include the entire core of the transmission, the extension housing, the case, pumps, valve body, the converter, and other internal components. Therefore, the remanufactured transmissions of the GMC envoys have an increased mechanical tolerance due to the replacement of most parts that are likely to wear out being replaced. 

GMC Envoy transmission function

The GMC envoy's remanufactured transmissions also have manufacturer updates, which means that the GMC envoys function with high-level transmissions. The remanufactured transmissions undergo high-pressure heat treatment and the dynamometer testing procedure to ensure that the transmissions are more durable. The testing phase of remanufactured transmissions is a significant component of the replacement process of worn-out transmission components. 

The transmission is wholly tested to find out whether they meet production and manufacturing standards before being used for replacement of broken down transmissions. The mechanical tolerance of the transmissions is checked to ensure optimum functioning. The rigorous process behind the remanufactured transmission development means that they have longer warranty guarantees than the rebuilt transmissions. As a result, GMC envoys fitted with remanufactured transmissions have longer mileage coverage compared to those fitted with rebuilt transmissions. The remanufactured transmissions also last longer than the rebuilt transmissions, which makes them a better option compared.

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